raw material

Raw material:







minimum 5 years in ex-bourbon casks

sugar added

Sugar added:

10 g/L, organic cane syrup

alcohol by volume

Alcohol by volume:






Compagnie des Indes means in French - East India Company. It's a generic term here because a specific origin is not named (British, Dutch, French, Danish or Swedish).

The brand's originator and the producer - Florent Beuchet - admits that he didn't explore the historical subtleties and chose the name for marketing reasons, as the companies imported exclusive and desirable goods in Europe (such as cloves, cinnamon, pepper, silk and ambergris). Although at first ocean trade was an extremely risky venture, the successfully completed expedition brought enormous profits.

The connotations, however, may not be as intended. Under the monopolies granted, companies regulated trade between European metropolises and their subordinate colonies. It was for them that the institution of a limited liability was created, limiting the liability of shareholders to the amount of the invested contribution. It was in their interest that the parliamentarians lobbied, as they themselves wielded sizable shares that brought decent dividends. The companies promoted politicians for high offices in recognition for their merits to pass beneficial laws.

For illustration, at its peak the value of the Dutch East India Company would be equal to the aggregate capitalization of the twenty largest companies today (Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and others). Another example is the British East India Company, which commanded an army numbering 200,000 men (in 1800) and had the right to declare war on behalf of the Empire (a private corporation!); which marketed opium in independent China; and which was ruthlessly taxing a starving Bengal. In the end it turned out that it's "too big to fail," which also sounds familiar.

Bright side? The giant was defeated by ordinary men, because greed and arrogance had passed a critical point. So the lesson is, depraved authorities will not come to senses on their own; the oppressed have to stand up for their rights themselves. ✌️


Florent Beuchet grew up in a family of Burgundian winemakers (Diva Wine) who became interested in distillates (Les Fils d'Emile Pernot, Banks). He started his own project in 2014 and built - with the help of British and Dutch importers - a wide portfolio (111 variants), although recently more and more often he has been acquiring barrels from source distilleries. Single casks are available temporarily and blends on a long-term basis. Florent aptly noticed that the casual consumer cannot identify authentic rum anymore, because embellished products are too popular on the market.

Authentic rum, what is it then? Well, it is not sweetened, without artificial additives and described in accordance with the facts. To what extent can an independent bottler guarantee the earlier noted? Largely, because most of the additives are supplemented during the bottling process and the CDI bottles on its own.

The producer often distributes rums from less obvious, more exotic locations. For today's dessert, however, I chose the classic rum 'CDI Jamaica 5 years'. A blend of Clarendon and Worthy Park rums, both pot distilled, both aged in their country of origin for a minimum of five years in ex-bourbon oak barrels. The bottle contains 7 grams of organic sugar cane syrup. Blend has remained in the offer since the brand 's debut (2014).

Mix of fresh banana, elderflowers, chamomile, dried apricot and mirabelle plum.
— as they tell
Fresh bananas, melon, mirabelle plum, lime.
— as examined by RumExam
Fruit eaux de vies, with apricot and raisin notes.
— as they tell
Greengage, white pepper. Williams pear, acacia honey.
— as examined by RumExam
Very fresh and elegant, well-balanced dryness, with toasted bread flavours and honey.
— as they tell
Sweet white grapes, almond oil.
— as examined by RumExam



L'Orfevre des Terroirs du Rhum, Sàrl

Price approx:




France / Jamaica


not specified



british, jamaican


single traditional pot rum
⁖Reviewed on: September 10th, 2021