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pot still



3 years in American oak, PX and Oloroso casks

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Legends are narratives of tradition reflecting the wisdom of the community and its shared values. They have a didactic function and often a moralising purpose. Legends transform throughout history and adjust to the epoch. Which makes us aware that those interpretations are rearrangeable and conventional at the same time. 🪁

The legend of the Flying Dutchman appears in many versions and furthermore has gained a strong cultural resonance. The title indicates the origin and many associate the story with the maritime. Several with a ghost ship and others maybe with a sea ​​wolf. Let's be honest here, only a few remember anything more and the most don't intend to get too much into it. Nevertheless, even this slightly blurred image fits thematically - even if trivial - in the rum universe. The name of the brand - identical with the legend widespread all over the world - is some kind an evidence for the Dutch pragmatism.

Zuidam Distillers is a family business started in Baarle-Nassau (1975). The founder - Fred von Zuidam - previously gathered knowledge and experience at De Kuyper. Twenty years of experience in the purchasing department, in production and by distillation undoubtedly provided a solid foundation, but also increased the appetite for independence. Of course dreams are important and even more so a proper work ethic; reliability, meticulousness, placing the consumer in the spotlight. With these in mind, Zuidam Distillers initially focused on genever and liqueurs. The younger generation have expanded the activities with whisky (since 1998 and the Millstone brand since 2007) and rum (Flying Dutchman, since 2008).

Three-year-old Flying Dutchman debuted in 2011. Originally it was called ‘No. 3’, but Berry Bros. & Rudd have raised objections due to its trademark registration as they use this generic term with respect to… gin 😦. Thus, the name  was renamed into 'Rum.3' and finally into sole '3'. Master distiller Patrick van Zuidam put it as follows: “[...] we are a family owned and operated distillery that has always had very friendly relationships with all of our colleagues in the business, big and small. And as such we agreed with BBR to change the labels after a friendly and amicable talk.” Not to waste an energy is a kind of pragmatic approach.


The rum is made from molasses of various origins. Controlled fermentation lasts 15-16 days using brewer's and whisky yeast. Zuidam owns six pot stills: four from Arnold Holstein and two from the Scottish Forsyths. The latter two were acquired in 2020 and have doubled the production capacity. Forsyths stills take care of rum production.

The rum is cut down to 60% abv and put roughly equal into: (1) virgin American oak casks and 30-150 year old sherry casks: (2) PX and (3) Oloroso. After three years of ageing the rums are blended together.

Bouquet was not officially specifed.
Vinegar plum and melon. Walnuts and walnut liqueur.
— as examined by RumExam
Bouquet was not officially specifed.
Slightly peaty, earthy. Ginger, pears and licorice.
— as examined by RumExam
Bouquet was not officially specifed.
Pears and licorice.
— as examined by RumExam



Zuidam Distillers BV

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The Netherlands


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single traditional pot rum
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