raw material

Raw material:




column and pot stills



3 years in charred oak bourbon barrels

sugar added

Sugar added:

7 g/L

alcohol by volume

Alcohol by volume:




not specified


Skillfully told narratives stimulate imagination and appeal to emotions. They intrigue, engage, and leave a lasting impression. In this way, marketing storytelling fulfills sales objectives.

Truly, one can be enchanted by an officially woven tale. Feeling the solidarity with sailing brethren uncertain whether the rum holds its promised alcohol content. Experiencing the distrust towards the purser and perhaps satisfaction when justice is served, and he - caught in fraud - ends up cast away. Finally, bonding with the weary sailor, who grips in calloused hands a cup of invigorating rum. However, all good things must come to an end, so that fateful day arrived, known as Black Tot Day, and with it came the lament for the lost privilege, for that sanctified tradition, whose indulgence ceased to align with modern times, with all this sophistication of advanced military systems, bah.

The Royal Navy ensured dominance on the global seas and enabled imperial expansion. It stands as a symbol of national pride, having laid the groundwork for the contemporary prosperity of Great Britain. The Pusser's Rum bottle proudly displays the 'White Ensign' and bears the label 'British Navy,' even though it is produced by a private company. I am sincerely intrigued by how this came to be.

To accomplish such an extraordinary feat, one would need to embody the characteristics of Charles Tobias: a US Marine Corps fighter pilot serving in Vietnam, shot down in Laos; owner of a technology company from Silicon Valley, a multi-millionaire; a seasoned sailor, daring enough to bring a chimpanzee, a cheetah, and a crew from BBC on board. Moreover, forging significant connections and enlisting the support of US Marine Corps Major General Arthur Hanson would be of paramount importance in persuading Admiral Second Sea Lord Sir Gordon Tate. Think big, as they say.

The next step is to create the brand identity, design the bottle, label, and off you go. The inaugural batch was produced in November 1979 on the picturesque island of Tortola, situated in the British Virgin Islands. Later on, it's a breeze. A donation of $2 for each sold case contributes to the 'Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity' and ultimately leads to a prestigious audience with the Queen. In this momentous occasion, she bestows the honorable title of Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in a solemn ceremony. 👑


Matt Pietrek aka Cocktailwonk, has undertaken a thoroughly captivating analysis of the myths that have surrounded the realm of navy rum. 🧵

According to the producer, Pusser's Rum is meticulously crafted following the Royal Navy's specifications, which were in effect on July 31, 1970 - a shrewd decision, as the devil lies in the details. Interestingly, there was no official recipe, and the supply of rum for the navy was managed by an external entity, ED&F Man, which procured components from different distilleries at various times. Consequently, it is more accurate to speak of a desired flavor profile rather than an exact formula.

The producer emphasizes that navy rum must be crafted using wooden pot stills. Only the Guyana's Demerara Distillers Limited meets this criterion, and it is where Pusser's Rum is indeed produced. According to the specifications, the navy rum blend originally consisted of 60% Demerara rum, 30% Trinidadian rum, and the remainder from unspecified origins. Presently, the entire blend is distilled in Guyana. The recipe has evolved over time, but the primary focus remains on preserving the distinct flavor profile (without overlooking cost considerations, as I assume).

Pusser's Rum Ltd refrains from involving the broker ED&F Man. Instead, Demerara Distillers Ltd takes charge of distillation, aging, blending, and bottling processes. The sugar cane used as the base for molasses is sourced from the coastal valleys of Demerara. Blends are crafted through a combination of column and pot still distillation, including the renowned Port Mourant Double Wooden Pot Still. While the label does not disclose the age, the blend predominantly comprises younger rums, maturing for approximately three years in charred oak bourbon barrels. Tests indicate the addition of 7g/l of sugar.

Pungent molasses, treacle, toffee, honey and vanilla with oak, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger.
— as they tell
Vienna coffee. Dried plums. Burnt caramel.
— as examined by RumExam
Full-bodied with a more enhanced flavour profile.
— as they tell
Chili. Bitter coffee.
— as examined by RumExam
Long finish, smooth and mellow.
— as they tell
Dried apricots, cocoa.
— as examined by RumExam



Pusser's Rum Ltd

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Guyana, British Virgin Islands


not specified



british, navy


blended modernist rum
⁖Reviewed on: December 4th, 2020