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Neil Macleod Mathieson founds Eaux De Vie in the 1980s: Initially imports French brandies (Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados), then expands activities to sherry, porto, whisky, gin and vodka. He also brings in the Caribbean rums to the UK for continental maturation. After a series of consolidations - Eaux de Vie / Spirimonde Ltd - becomes a subsidiary of the Dutch Marussia Beverages BV, which in turn is subordinate to the Swedish holding Haydn Holding AB. That proves that behind the Mezan brand there are decades of experience and industry-wide, interdisciplinary expertise.

Mathieson single-handedly sets the flavor profiles and selects the source rums; compiles blends, selects barrels and decides the aging interval. Purchased batches are not intended for direct bottling, but are subject to further aging. Mezan runs three product lines: single casks, vintages (single distillery) and permanent.

Mezan Jamaica XO is the only blend in the manufacturer's portfolio sourced exclusively from (various) Jamaican distilleries. Although the origin of the components has not been officially disclosed, it's considered that the core of the blend are rums from the Monymusk and Hampden distilleries. Some also complete the list with Worthy Park and Long Pond.

The Extra Old on the label has not been specified numerically. Difford's guide and Master of malt indicate that the components have been aged for four to twenty-three years. The Lone Caner on the other hand refers to the words of the sales representative who has restricted the age of the components to the range of eighteen to twenty-four months. Well, discrepancies. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The following observations may bring us closer to solving the puzzles: primo - rum is released in small batches of 5,000 bottles; secundo - bottling is carried out once / twice a year, depending on the success of the sales; tertio - source distilleries may vary from batch to batch.

I respect and appreciate the creator. Not declaring the age leaves him some room for maneuver to select components that meet his own and the market's expectations. However, I believe the cognac marking 'xo' should guarantee the age of the youngest component. Otherwise, using vague labeling should be refrained or a real one declared. After all the other alcohol categories don't tolerate such distortions. Especially since the Mezan's production is carried out by the Mossburn's Distillers whisky department.


Molasses is distilled in pot and traditional column stills. Blend consists of light to medium ester rums, which are folded into ex-bourbon barrels at 65% strength and diluted to 40% abv before bottling. The brand claim untouched can be found on the band, in the central place of the label, as well as vertically on its edge. The explanation is situated just below: unsweetened, uncolored and unchill filtered. Just rum and water, you don't need anything else.

Fresh banana and sweet spices.
— as they tell
At first the overwhelming aroma of fresh apples, then bananas, panna cotta, lemons, and sour nectarine.
— as examined by RumExam
Light palate shows complex spice with hints of tobacco.
— as they tell
Clearly fruity - grappa combined with peach, cashews in the background.
— as examined by RumExam
Bouquet was not officially specifed.
Mango and a meld of raspberry and pear.
— as examined by RumExam



Marussia Beverages B.V.

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british, jamaican


blended traditionalist rum
⁖Reviewed on: February 17th, 2021